Friday, April 25, 2008

You are the infinite oneness

Infinite oneness

The teachers say 'You are it! You are the oneness.'

Imagine that. Imagine that you are the oneness. One being. The only one.

Yet you know nothing about being the one. There is no concept whatsoever about this.

Take this in just for a bit. Drop all ideas of what one means. And sit still in the conviction of the one.

What is oneness without concept?

One doesn't mean not two. One doesn't mean not many.

Feel this oneness connecting everything through you and around you, even in the far distance.

Feel this oneness embracing even the unseen.

Feel how far and wide you stretch.

There is nothing that is not you.

Feel yourself falling as the bottomless ocean. - Soaring as the infinite sky, and further still and further and further...

Nothing is separate.

You are the infinite oneness.


Alpesh said...

Nice blog.

Liked it :)

Ameeta said...

Thank you Alpesh. For all your posts.