Saturday, October 13, 2012

Change without fear

There is light
being light
There is darkness
moving towards light
And there is darkness
being darkness

If there is light
somewhere there is darkness
The brighter the light
the darker the darkness
inseparable twins
parts of a whole

The way out of darkness
is not more light
The way out of darkness
is also
the way out of light

Something holds them both
light and darkness,
surrendering itself joyfully
to the play
of duality
Ecstacy and bliss result
as do death and destruction
but something indestructible
still does not die

There is no need
to demonize the dark
for that stance
simply empowers it

There is no use
in moving towards
the light
if that move is about
distancing the dark
for that stance
simply sustains it

Like the head and tail
of a dog
light and dark
are connected

Beyond darkness
beyond light
lies the ground
beckoning us
to its wondrousness

From here
springs joyful action:
being with darkness
being with light
being with things
as they are

From here
all things arise
From here
without force
all things change
without need
and move
simply for the love of it

This is
the most powerful
of all
Change without fear