Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What you seek

You say you seek
unconditional love
Yet you look for it
in the arms of lovers

But the arms of lovers
come attached
with demands

You say you seek
undying peace
Yet you look for it
in peaceful experiences

But peaceful experiences
come to life
only to die

You say you seek
the unchanging
Yet you look for it
in the world of change

But the world of change
will not stop changing
for you

You say you want
to find
what you have lost
in the dark
Yet you look for it
in bright places
where seeking
is easy
but nothing is found

If you really want
what you say
then let yourself
be taken deep
into the mines
of your being
where the diamonds are

Even if the journey
be dark and lonely

For in the brilliance
of the diamonds there
that outshine
a thousand suns
everything else pales
and bows
into insignificance

Seeker and seeking
are burnt to ashes
and what remains
is the ever present
the undying
the unconditional