Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What else is here?

There is a time
in life
for problems
to be solved

This is but mind
unraveling itself

Then there is a time
in life
for a shift of attention
and for the question
to arise
What else is here?

What else is here?
besides the problem
besides the desire to solve
and besides the solution
if there is one

This is awareness
seeing itself
as mind and beyond mind

This is awareness
seeing itself as that
which holds mind

No need to be rid
of problems
No need for resolutions
They can be around or not

Something is more interested
in what else is here
beside the problem
and the solution

The time for solving
and the time for a shift
can be in any order
or even alternate for a while

Life lets us know
when it is time for what.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


In the paradox
that is life
there is a tendency
to stagnate
again and again,

a tendency
for the water of being
to become little
cesspools -
stale and repetitive

And simultaneously
life in every moment
flows like a river
clearing out all stagnation

not as a static idea
but as a continual
dynamic flow
that is NOW

When the mind opens
to this dynamic now
gratitude arises
for stagnation and flow

Monday, April 5, 2010

Beyond imagination

In order for the new
to be born
the old must be let go of

While the old is held on to
the only new that can appear
is a reconfiguration
of what has been

The ten thousand things
can be endlessly recombined
into what the mind
marvels at as new

The ten thousand and first
comes from the willingness
to leave the land
of the ten thousand

Beyond imagination
beyond imagination