Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wake up dear fool

Note to Readers:

I'm back - with these words that really resonated in my consciousness at some point, words that were addressed from deep within to the 'me' I thought I was!

They resonate again as I marvel at our arrogance as a human race, and what we are doing to ourselves, our mother planet and all her creations. And I see how lost we are, consumed by our arrogance, and how some part of us yearns to wake up from it too ....

Join me and so many others, in praying for the wellbeing of all sentient beings. Deep bows to you all.

Wake up dear fool
Wake up to what you know undeniably
Wake up to the truth
that won't go away
no matter how hard
you try to ignore it, cover it,
sidestep it, philosophize it

Wake up dear fool
To your inescapable fate :
As certainly as you were born
you will die
And not only that
but you have no knowing
when that will be

Wake up dear fool
and let that sink in
and sober you up
Let it soften your arrogance
and open your hard heart
Let it clear your blurred vision
and burn your false dreams

Let it strip away your complacency
and shake you out of your narrow self
So you may finally acknowledge
this life you have been given
Each moment in it
Each thing in it
Each one in it
For it will not last forever
And will all die with you

Wake up and tremble
with the rest of Mother's creations
For not one of your great achievements
can take death away from your destiny

If you cannot let in the fact of death
You cannot let in the fullness of this life
For then each moment is more clinging
from fear, and lining your prison cell
with more gold to distract you
from the truth

A glorious bird in a gilded cage
counting her treasures
but unable to fly
Wake up dear fool
This is no way to live