Friday, February 24, 2012

Faith and reason

Faith is not about
attaching to a belief
Much less about
blindly attaching to a belief

Faith is about
suspending disbelief
even for a moment
So that old ingrained ways of looking
make room
for a new possibility

Faith is about dislodging
rigid attachment
to all beliefs
And being the wide blue sky
Open to what arises

Don't pit faith against reason
as though
they were enemies!
They are mother and child
not foes
True Faith is the openness
that allows reason
even the reason
that does not allow faith
Faith bears even
the child
that turns against
the mother.

Don't pit faith against faith
as though
they were rivals
for the attention of God!
They are brother and sister
not foes
True faith
is the wide embrace
that holds all faiths
in the lap of God

True Faith is
beyond faith
and reason