Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tryst with Time

The full green
bounty of Summer
lived a while
and died into Autumn
enabling the birth
of spectacular Fall
with its riotous display
of unashamed color

Now the Fall
has begun its death also
And the glorious leaves
that adorned
the maples and oaks
are browning, shriveling
and being prepared to return
to the earth
where they came from

I love the Fall
it is my great teacher
It shows me
the dignity in death
It teaches me
about the necessity of death
for Life to continue
to renew itself

It is not worthwhile
to fight that
which is bigger than us
and seeks to devour us
for our own sake

It is worthwhile
only to fight that
which is smaller than us
and seeks to devour us
for its own sake

Watching the wind
sweep in
and stir up
the trees
Watching the leaves
respond to
wind's invitation
and give up
their attachment
to the tree
I weep silently
and acknowledge
the willingness
of my own wise heart
to die over and over again
to shed over and over again
to let go of that
whose tryst with time
is finally over