Thursday, October 31, 2013


What is it
about air
that can both
caress as breeze
and flatten as storm?

What is it
about water
that can both
flow as stream
and rage as tsunami?

What is it
about fire
that can both
illuminate as flame
and devour as inferno?

The essence
of everything
is free
to take any form,
all form

The essence
of everything
is free,
not defined
by the form it takes

Forms are many
yet not one
can be separated
from its essence

What are
breeze and storm
but air itself?

What are
stream and tsunami
but water itself?

What are
flame and inferno
but fire itself?

What is it
about Life
that can appear as both
you there
and me here?

What are
you and I
but Life itself?

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Gift of "Obnoxious"

Have you known
someone obnoxious?

Let's just say
we all have! :)

I love obnoxious people

In the past
they served
to make me
feel better
about myself

Maybe I am
but at least
I am not
went old mind! :)

The sheer magnitude
of their atrociousness
allowed me
to hide
from my own
considerable idiocy
which seemed
to fade
only in comparison

Then old mind
was questioned
and it was discovered
that I was
deluding myself

I still love obnoxious people

Now they serve
to show me
what would remain
hidden in myself
but for the grace
of their kind presence

Now they serve
to show me
that they are
none other than

Now they serve
to bring more
of myself
into the light
and love

Thank you obnoxious!