Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love's beloved


I see a world
that rejects love
and gorges itself
on a million flavors
of hatred

I see a world
that longs for love
but knows not
how to let it in

I see a world
contorting in pain
twisting in agony
and so ripening
for release

This world
is in me
and I have known it
for long

I cry for this world
and its suffering
I cry for its fragility
and its coarseness

I cry long and hard
without hope
till I break down
into nothing
but tears

And then quite unexpectedly
from the tears
drained of hope
squeezed of self
love comes upon itself!

Love itself
in my scant remains!
A gift, a miracle
a thousand blessings
rolled into

One face
that I can no longer miss
whispering sweet nothings
into my ageless yearning

fills the space
that I was
making new outlines,
like a master
painting his beloved

Mixing fire and blood
and tenderness
into new colors
that stain my bones
and form my skin

Love takes its time
crafting me anew
for some purpose
it knows
to be mine