Saturday, April 26, 2008

What comes between you and this right now?

What comes between you and this right now?

The mind's argument with what is.

What is the argument saying?

He should not be this way. She should not be this way. This should not be this way.

If he is this way, or she is that way, then I get upset or angry or sad or...

So, finally, says the argument,

I should not be this way. I should be something else - something other than what I am in this moment.

See how the argument always tracks back to the I.

The mind provides a thousand different reasons why I should not be what I am right now.

Perhaps it says I should be a better person than this. I should be stronger, more loving, less emotional, less angry, more peaceful, more wise, a better parent, or whatever else.

Perhas it says simply that I should not have to face this right now.

However longwinded the connection, the mind's argument comes back to I. - The I who is uncomfortable with the I as it is right now.

So this is one big step. - Calling a spade a spade.

This is not about some other person, or thing or circumstance. This is about I.

Seeing this is big.

When this is seen, there is a resting.

It is exhausting to be on a wild goose chase for so long, running all over the place to make something else the problem.

It is a relief to come back home, to I. - To see that this is where it all is.

The mind may understand this to mean that I am the problem.

The mind thinks that if that other person or thing or event is not the problem, then I am the problem. For there is a problem, and so somebody must be it!

Then it may ask, how can it be a relief to know that I am the problem?

There is a problem here and it needs to be solved. But changing the source of the problem to I, is no solution!

These are all legitimate beliefs. The mind is doing its job.

But is a belief automatically true?

This is the inquiry.

For much of our lives, we automatically accept our beliefs as the truth. We become separate from what is, and we suffer.

By amazing grace, it takes very little to change that. What does it take?

Just 2 questions to ask of oneself -

What am I believing right now? and - Is this belief true?

What you find may be very interesting. And much more besides.

Don't believe any of this. :-)

Discover for yourself.

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