Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fearless freedom functioning

We are each here
to express our truth

For a while there
I thought
my truth
is not true enough
if it can be overridden by another
or ignored
or dismissed
or rejected

I thought
this pointed
to a flaw
in my truth

But my only responsibility
is to speak my truth
what others make of it
is their responsibility

I thought truth
has to be omnipotent
totally disarming
anything less
is just not the truth

But the power of truth
is fully its own
by outward action
by outward attitude
or reaction
incapable of being hurt
or compromised

but not because
it won't let itself
be touched
no matter what
it meets outside
and even meets fully
it cannot lose itself

I thought truth
cannot be walked over
or trampled
only the weak
and the powerless
can be wiped out
this way

But I forgot Jesus
I forgot what he gave
and what he received
on the cross

Even overpowered by ignorance
and outstripped by fear
the truth responds
with love

Walking up to
certain crucifixion
allowing fear to explode
into such emptiness
that each moment
each step
each blow
is received
in great innocence
without preconception
each moment
to die
into the next

Nothing and nobody
is held onto
and what is born
from such emptiness
arises from love
in love
as love
to love
It cannot
be known
in advance
but leaps into being
to serve
all there is

Jesus is
love manifest
fearless freedom functioning


linty said...

Hi. I have to come back to this. I'm not sure I'm "grasping" what you're saying here. Maybe my idea of truth(or Truth) is distorted. These words ring "true"(hehe) but I can't quite see this. I'll be back. Happy Thanksgiving, Ameeta.

linty said...

I was thinking that the things that were true for me ten years ago aren't true for me now(ideas about myself, life, etc.). Truth seems to be constantly changing. I wonder if that kind of truth was/is ever really true then? It seems that there has to be a Truth. Maybe not a stale fixated truth-it can always be fresh-but something that is beyond change.

I read the old texts/words of the "enlightened" from long ago and the modern day teachers and they are fresh and beyond the bounds of their time. There is something about the words that are beyond the mind.

I wonder: unless a person has touched this timeless realm in themself then I don't understand how anyone can say "this is true" on an absolute scale. So far my only truths have been relative. Eh, I think too much. haha.

Thank you, Ameeta. I haven't been around cuz, to be honest, I am tired of thinking too much? I am tired of the spiritual search. I'm tired of it all. Sometimes I wish I could go back to sleep but of course once the mysterious urge to wake up happens, and glimpses of waking up happen, going back to sleep is an impossibility. If self wants to wake up to its self then it can do it by itself cuz I am tired of the whole game.

Ameeta said...

Hi Linty,

What you write here is so true! :) - Truth as it can be known by us is changing all the time. Something in us wants what is changeless. And that is a deep spiritual yearning - to finally be and rest as what we truly are and have alsways been.

But this quest for changelessness has often been hijacked by mind and we have given changeless or absolute status to relative truth. This is how most religions were born. But this has proved to be deeply dissatisfying.

The changelessness is not separate from the ever-changing reality. We see a river flowing and know it as a river - yet any single point in the river is ever moving. If we looked at the river only as a set of ever moving points (if that were eveb possible for the human eye to do), we might say there is nothing changeless here - just constantly changing points of water. But we are able tostep back and see the river as a whole and there is the beauty.

We can see the everchanging and know the changeless in this way.

Bless you and bless your tiredness. Wonderful. Let it unfold as it will.

No need to respond to this if you don't feel like it. And no need to really think about this stuff, simply receive it like raindrops - without having to parse it in mind.


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