Thursday, October 21, 2010


Who knew
that pain
could be
such a companion

so moody
so demanding
so ready to tear me

so loyal
so committed
so ready to hold me
in its embrace
over and over
and over again

so present
so exquisitely present
that I cannot avoid it
miss it
ignore it
or transcend it

so I do
the only possible thing;
I turn to it
again and again
I submit to it
be with it
be it

What was I
afraid of?
This pain is
a friend


linty said...

I find pain to be an interesting thing(sometimes). If I take a moment and just be with it so many things are discovered: layers and layers of resistance to the pain, stories about the pain as part of my identity(poor me, etc.), on and on. Never really softening and getting to the root of the pain w/o the story about it.

When this investigation deepens pain is seen as you say, a friend. It's: Sensations, energy that flickers, moves, burns, etc, and none of it means's pain but in a sense without the story about it's not really painful..and this is just another opportunity to see(for me, anyway) "Who is in pain?" "What isn't touched by this?"

I think it's giving space to the pain but maybe more insightful it's just seeing the space that pain floats in..and it is such a sweet relief to make friends with something I considered an enemy for so long.

Oh, Ameeta, your words are so full of light. Thank you so much for sharing this here and for helping me.

Ameeta said...

Your words resonate so deeply. Thanks for providing this beautiful commentary to the poem.