Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Sorrow visits

Have you had someone visit
from the Sorrow family?
Did you allow him in at all?
Perhaps you did, but reluctantly?

The Sorrow family has a bad name
Perhaps you have experienced
this sometime in an earlier visit?

So when he smiled, you didn't
And when he offered a hand
you didn't take it
And when he gave a hug you held back?

Perhaps you tried to figure out
how this recent visit
was related to others in your past?

Perhaps you started remembering
how others in your family
were hurt by some
among the Sorrows?

Perhaps you tried to analyze
if somehow you had invited
quite inadvertently,
this unwanted guest into your home?

And in all this flurry of thought
lost in your own world
you didn't even sit this Sorrow down
nor offer him some tea
or learn anything about him alas

Perhaps this one was nothing
like his family at all
Perhaps he had no bad intentions
but simply stopped by, passing through
seeking only to embrace you
for a moment?

Perhaps you might
have enjoyed his visit
and made a friend,
never needing to fear
another Sorrow again