Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This moment is God

Life presents this moment
and in the mind
we say it is this way:
good, bad and
a whole host of other labels

And mind says
this is not how it should be;
this moment -
it should be better
and different

And so we have this moment
but we don't taste it
pulled away from it
by mind's ideas
of how it should be instead

Then perhaps we are drawn
to something beyond mind's words
and we fall deeply in love
with this moment
just as it is

Oh the profound joy of it
The unbreakability of it
The wholeheartedness of it
The fulfillment of it
This moment is God!
God is but this moment!


benjamin said...

And so we have this moment
but we don't taste it
pulled away from it
by mind's ideas
of how it should be instead

Is it really so? Is the so-called pulling away by the mind not the moment we taste then? And is there really any "we" that can be pulled anywhere?
I don't like to argue with you. I don't really disagree either, but perhaps is there no real distress in this apparent delirium of thought which should be cured.

benjamin said...

PS: another way of putting it would be that the very idea is self-contradicting. For if the idea that things should be different is "wrong" then the idea that there is anything to do about it also is "wrong" for again the premise would be that things ought to be different.

(Why can't i put this in a simple sentence?)

Ameeta said...

Dear Benjamin - I love what you say and you are right. We simply cannot be pulled away from this that we are, no matter if we are lost in mind or deeply aligned with what is. And yet there is a difference between those 2 states - is there not?

There is a you and me writing to each other right now. And there is distress if and when distress arises. The oneness does not need to deny anything, even distress, in order to be itself. Nothing need be cured and yet everything is open to change.

Sometimes mind makes a concept of oneness in which nothing is real and nothing is wrong. And that is true and yet life is happening and life is real and in life things can seem wrong. This is the stunning paradox that mind cannot 'get'.

Ameeta said...

I am now responding to your second comment, Benjamin. And I find your expression of it just wonderful! :)

In the world of ideas, a paradox is an unresolved contradiction that ideally should not be! :) But in life paradox happens.

If you wish to continue this thread, please email me and I'd be delighted to do interat more with you.

Thanks for your wonderful comments.