Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Mask

Pure innocence arises
in human form
Pure innocence arises
as thoughts

Then attachment occurs
and thought becomes belief
And this happens also
in pure innocence

The belief becomes the mask
through which we look
And the world appears
colored by belief

In this way
beliefs are amassed
The mask becomes thicker
and the world more complex

We don't realize
that what we see
is only a result
of the masks we are wearing

So we take it all
to be very real
Until we don't
And it is all pure innocence

In a moment of grace
our looking chances
upon that
through which we are looking

We see the mask
and we see how
it has shaped our world
for so long now

The mask may not
slip off right away
Infact it tends
to cling in pure innocence

But the mask
has been seen you know
And though nothing has changed
This changes everything


Jim Keller said...

Gosh much of the time, I see I am wearing various masks...many just to appease or agree and I know I do this...and there is no problem here...It even brings me a quiet amusement and a twinke in my kids in costume and play...a fabulous fabrication!!!!! I guess...ultimately...I am just so happy to know it is all just pretend!!!!! Isn't it????!!!!!! Blessings....sweet blessings...Jim.

Jim Keller said...

And then of course this realization that no one is wearing these masks...sweet little non-people. Jim.