Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The eye of God

The eye of God is in all things, as all things, of all things and through all things.

This is the awareness that is inside all things. This is the awareness that we are.

This awareness is not dependent on the human mind as we sometimes believe.

The human mind is a powerful, and possibly unique, vehicle for the awareness to express itself. But awareness does not depend on your being aware or my being aware. It is totally independent of the movement of mind.

But because of the way that the human mind understands awareness, we think that awareness needs objects to be aware of. And we think that the awareness is outside the objects, and separate from them. We think that awareness is aware of the objects from outside them.

But the eye of God is in all things and awareness is on the inside of all things as all things, and as nothing. We can call it the beingness or the isness or the presence inherent in everything.

This is the awareness that is being pointed to.

Rest as this awareness, this beingness, even when the mind doesn't get it, for the mind is not the one that gets it.

Every protest of the mind is shot through with the beingness. Notice this in the next thought that says you don't get it. See the presence in the thought itself that dances in the mind.

We are this vibrant dancing alive beingness and everything is that.

We are the eye of God seeing itself.


Venk At Ease said...

Beautiful.. Your thread anchored me in beautiful silence

Albert said...

What about when the eye of God is not seeing?
It is just being...

Ameeta said...

The eye of God is the beingness inherent in everything always. Is it possible for the eye of God to not see? The seeing is in the being.