Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Point of It

What is the point of this?
Bird singing

What is the point of this?
Bud blooming

What is the point of this?
Sun shining

Stars twinkling
Moon glowing
Girl laughing
Ball bouncing

Boundless miracles
Only gratitude, gratitude, gratitude


Ron Marson said...

A wise teacher in my life (Reshad Feild) says over and over again: Gratitude is the key to Will.

Will is something that seems really hidden to me, especially in the seeing that 'nobody is doing anything'. The whole universe conspires to bounce balls and shine moons. It all happens quite spontaneously.

And yet personal intention, visualizing a peaceful world, seem really important. Are we not (all of us, always), God's hands and feet?

Any comments?

Maury said...

Great prose poem, Ameeta. Sometimes a few words say more than many.

And Ron, your comment is very astute. It's wonderful when blogs and comments complement each other so well.

Will may be necessary until there is none. Then only the unfolding, which is watched in amazement, as me doing something or a flower blooming -- no difference.


Ameeta said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your post, and yes, I know exactly what you mean, having experienced something very similar myself. And what a beautiful thing your teacher says!

'Thy will be done' has been an important teaching for me. For it reveals what will really is - it is not my will, so in that sense it is not personal. And at the same time God's will is free to express itself as a will appearing here. This will is only an agency for action - it is independent of attachment to outcome. And most importantly, it is will that is not based in fear. In other words, an intention for a peaceful world can come from 2 different attitudes - one is from the fear of a non-peaceful world, and all the violence and suffering of it, and the other attitude is from a freedom that does not grasp at peace. So a suggestion is to let the intention arise as it will :-); there is no contradiction between that and the nobodiness - reality holds them both effortlessly - only mind says how can 'will' appear in nobodiness? Perhaps will is simply the mechanism for doing in this reality of ours. Nobody wills and does everything.

Ameeta said...

Hi Maury,

Thanks for your post, and your kind and illuminating words.

linty said...

It's so beautiful that there is no point to all that..birds singing, bud blooming..but yet none of these miracles happening is pointless...all so simple n perfect..

Just like you say: gratitude, gratitude, gratitude..Just feeling it much of I'm bursting full..and such joy! Such wonder! Benediction.