Sunday, August 31, 2008

All freedom

Knowing what I am
I choose to be another

Knowing what I am
I choose to not know what I am
Freedom of delusion

Not knowing what I am
I believe myself to be another
Delusion of freedom

Not knowing what I am
What knows me frees itself of me

All is knowing what I am
All is freedom


Ron Marson said...

Knowing what I am not
Not knowing what I am
What now?

Ameeta said...

Is it possible to say 'I don't know' without the one who knows that I don't know?

Simply see WHAT knows
the one who does not know

Ron Marson said...

Good point. It is not possible.
Only Knowledge could declare, "I don't know!"
Only knowledge could ask, "what now?"

WHAT knows this mind that moves through 'don't know' to lands on 'know,' over and over in endless dance?

THIS that never moves, moves all things!
One boundless open Heart has always known Itself.
Subtle non-experience turns out to be absolute certainty!