Monday, September 7, 2015

The yearning

Throughout my life
I experienced
such a yearning
for I knew not what

It took the form
of anxiety, fear
unease, cravings
passion, ambition,
effort, struggle

I trod the beaten path
following conventional wisdom
as far as I could
until it yielded
its true wisdom
and I realized
that more of anything
was not enough
and would never be!

No matter
who I became
or what I did
or what I had
it wasn't enough
This yearning
wouldn't let go

I was stopped
in my tracks

Then the yearning
took over
and carved its own path
to fulfillment
showing me
where it springs from
and where it leads

Much was lost
on this journey
and still more
is leaving everyday

And what remains
is neither me
nor mine
just what is
This Now.

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