Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Paradox of Unity

Our intellectual understanding of unity
simply cannot touch
its reality

The only way to know
this amazing unity
is to live it
to be it
to allow the understanding
to seep below
and around
and beyond
thinking mind

Thinking mind
makes unity,
also called oneness,
into a mere idea

Thinking mind
is brilliant
and powerful
and limited

In thinking mind
unity or oneness
can become a perspective
that seeks to include

In thinking mind
unity or oneness
can aspire to be
the largest perspective
which embraces
every other

This is noble
but unity is not a perspective
not even the largest
possible perspective
It is below that
around that
beyond that

It is the same as
go figure!

It is the same as
go figure!

It is the same as
go figure!

Or we don't go figure
we simply soak
in this unity
and let it be absorbed
into every cell
of our being

Till we can see
every unique thing
in this world
including our self
without losing sight
of its seamlessness
with everything else!

Till the I
that can see
is not other than
the seeing
nor anything seen

Till even separation
is evidence
of unity
and not counter to it

And this foolish
inadequate attempt
on my part
to describe unity
is just more evidence
of the humorous
paradox of unity :)

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Kartikeya Agate said...


If there is perspective, it implies that I acknowledge myself as separate from the perceived (irrespective of whether it is everything, nothing or something). Which, in turn, implies that the union or unity is not there yet perhaps ...