Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey you
apple of my eye
delight of my heart
essence of my being

There is nothing
about you
that can miss
my love

There is nothing
you can tell
that I
wouldn't hear

There is nothing
you can show
that I don't
want to see

There is no
darkness anywhere
by my light

And yet
you may remain
if you wish
you may hide
if you like
you may run
if you please

There is no choice
you can make
that isn't
mine also

There is no dance
you can dance
that I won't
dance with you

Dearest one
remember this
when it is time
and know your home
as the inseparable
where you and I
reside as one


shy poet said...

As we think, we write, your talent in plain site, the words love you, may it always be.

Mary Lucille said...

wonderful words

Miss Columnist said...

Your words sang the song of my heart... thanks for unleashing it with the beauty of your heart!