Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Authentic self-discovery

Most good teachings
spoken of by
some good teachers
come from
what is truly experienced
by the teacher,
come from
that which has been gone through
and thus gone beyond

When we receive
these teachings
we tend to
value the going beyond
way more than
the going through

So we take the teachings
and try to use them
to go beyond
without going through

There is nothing wrong
with this
except that it is
inherently dissatisfying
in one's own being
to borrow another's realization
for we can never quite trust
what is borrowed
to stay

And it is dissatisfaction
and discontent
that keep us
from realizing
what we already are
in the first place!

So we can use
the teachings differently perhaps
more as a hypothesis
to check out in
our own experience

In this way
is authentic self-discovery
made possible

1 comment:

linty said...

My most "beloved" and first teacher was Osho years ago. I was enamored with him then and still am today.

I tended to do this with him and others that came later: I'd "borrow" the teacher's realization. I laugh at it now. Wondering why what happened to them, their waking up experiences, wasn't happening to me exactly the same way. It was like getting so caught up on the finger instead of seeing where it was pointing to!

It wasn't until I "killed" Osho that I saw that it wasn't about his experience at all. I got caught up in the finger. No, this was about me, my waking up, and how it is perfectly unfolding. And I see that my self-discovery was helped along by Osho and various other teachers but it was when I stopped trying to use their teachings as some blueprint for my own awakening I saw the perfection of life and my own experience.

And nowadays I find that everything is the teacher. Life is the teacher. Also, I smile because I recognize those past teacher's words and what they were pointing to as my own words, it's my own seeing now...and it's fresh and brand-new every moment.