Monday, July 19, 2010

About thought

We think that
underneath each thought
lies an objective reality

We think that
a thought is actually
mind's articulation
of an underlying reality

We think that
thought is an outward
of something that is actually there

In this way
we invest thought
with power
beyond its means

In this way
we create and inhabit
the world of virtual reality

Sure enough
thought-land is
a full-fledged mirage
capable of producing 'real'
feelings and sensations
But how real
is a mirage?
And is there not
something beyond a mirage
something that sees
the mirage for what it is?

A thought is only
a thought
nothing more
and nothing less

It can be as powerful
as a storm
when we invest in it
and as innocent
as a breeze
when we don't

The only thing
that lies underneath thought
is more thought
It's like there is
a bottomless thought cloud
floating about -
thought sustaining
more thought

Just like it is impossible
to exit a mirage
from any action taken
inside the mirage
so it is impossible
to exit thought-land
by means of a thought

Entering and exiting a mirage
happens by means
of that which is outside
the mirage

Entering and exiting thought-land
happens by means
of that which is beyond

If life has brought
you to these words
and others like them
then you are already being nudged
by what is outside thought

Trust in that
to complete its work
without you
Simply step out of its way


linty said...

Thank you so much! I needed to hear and see the truth of this. It's so simple but hardly ever easy.

Magic Island said...

This brings me closer to the very edge of letting go of something ... that prevents me from letting go ...