Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This moment speaks

This moment speaks to me
In a voice and way
It has rarely used

Displaying its rich beauty
Its sonorous silence
Its bursting fullness
in my being

Look, it says, at what I am
Not what you thought
My dear

Not just time
Marker for some event in your life
Not the start of something
Nor the end of something
Not even the inbetween

Though truth be told
comes closest to what I am

But you cast aside that
You cast aside the inbetween
In your hurry to get somewhere
And so you lose me
and lose me again

But I didn't lose you
How could I?
You come from my womb
you are my own child

You wander all over freely
away from me
and yet never outside
for I am all there is

Then someday I call out to you
And this time you say yes!
And we come back home

And that is what I am
I am you
at home


Svante Odmark said...

Hi Ameeta!

There's a meme (called 'The End, The Beginning: A Silent Post') currently spreading on the internet - and hereby you're being tagged... I know this may sound mysterious, but it will all be clarified if you follow this link:


Meredith said...

I am deeply moved by our poem. Thank you, Ameeta.