Friday, March 20, 2009

How foolish!

When I wish to be free of mind
How foolish I am being

When have I been free of mind?
Yesterday says the mind
Yesterday in meditation
I was free of mind

But the truth is
That today rolled around
And mind appeared again
As it always does

Something shifts
And mind is mostly quiet here
But here is there
And mind is active there

So how foolish of me
To seek my rest
In quiet mind
Here or there

The only rest
Is alongside mind
Inside it even
Right in its sweet lap

This is real freedom
So untouched
By mind's noise
And by mind's silence


Ron Marson said...

The only rest: inside mind's sweet lap....

Inside these most intimate sensations of self.
Happening now. Always happening now.
Watch them come and go, in colors of heaven and hell.
Try to turn them on or off, to change them or freeze them in time.
Impossible: I'm like paralysis locked inside movement.
Or is this changeless awareness?
It doesn't matter how seeing sees.
Inside mind's sweet lap.

Jim Keller said...

Thank you for another sweet one. Somehow I got the idea after reading far too many spiritual books that the mind was not my friend. And since the mind was not my friend, I thought we would not speak very much. Was I ever wrong about THAT! Jim.