Thursday, January 8, 2009

Being love I dance life

This nothing that is

finds the love
in being this body

finds delight
in concrete expression

expresses love
in this form
is love
as this form

being love
I act

being love
I dance life


Anonymous said...
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Ameeta said...

If the experience is of not settling in this moment, then look into what it is that is not settling in this moment. This looking is the real sticking with the experience - fully. Is it not? Then we can get underneath the experience to the truth that contains all experience. Sticking with experience doesn't mean being helpless.

If it comes to you to read something like this post, then that's your experience in the moment. Go deeply into the reading. Then after that you may find something else that forms your experience. Be there fully too. The freedom of experience is that it is not frozen in time and so it arises and passes. Only the mind tries to freeze it. So our fears are about the extension of a bad moment and our hopes are about the extension of a good moment. But both pass.

So when the stuckness seems like a contant experience it is only trying to get our attention; it is only trying to get us to delve fully into it and come out the other end. When we see that, we no longer feel helpless.

My suggestion to stick to the experience rather than the concept is not about being in a passive state at all. It is about being activated in the reality of each moment as it arises, and not by some ideas in the mind.

Please feel free to correspond directly. I would love to dialogue with you.

Thank you so much for your wordless post.

Jim Dodds said...

Wonderful blog Ameeta! Yes! It is right here, right now! Check my blog, too! :-)