Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing is insignificant

Everything holds up everything else. When we see this, we realize that nothing is insignificant. And we fill up with love for everything there is. Even the parts we don't like.

A great place to start discovering this is within oneself.

Right now, notice if there is something that you disapprove of, or disagree with, or are unhappy about. It may be something overt and tangible that you can point to, or sometimes it can be covert and less tangible. If it is the latter, then simply notice the unease, even if it cannot be defined specifically.

Say to yourself - I see this unease (or whatever else that comes up).

Even as you say this, you may find several different thoughts/ feelings, and even fears come up.

Say to yourself - I see the fear. Or - I see many uneasy thoughts. Or - I see the uneasy feelings coming up.

In other words, you acknowledge whatever arises, with the words - I see ---.

Notice what happens.

Then say 'I see ---., to whatever is noticed also.

Sustain this for as long as you naturally can. Don't force anything.

Do this right now. And you may find that you will do this sometime again. And then again, and again. Not by forcing yourself. But just spontaneously.

There are many ways to describe what may happen. And each person discovers this for herself. One way that perhaps many of us can resonate with, is simply this: what is our experience when we are seen and acknowledged? Isn't that a simple, yet fundamental, human desire?

So we start to extend it to ourselves. Not abstractly - to some notion of who we are. But to something much simpler and more direct - our experience right now - our thoughts, feelings and whatever is arising right now.

You may find the act of seeing, just by itself, is so precious and dear.

And realize this - the disturbance created by our unease opens up the vast space of seeing and acknowledging this that we are - now and now and right now!

Discover this simple love.

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