Thursday, September 25, 2008

All is one

The unborn wishes to be born
Don't stop the birthing

The completion wishes to give
Don't stop the receiving

The stillness wants to soar
But we fear the falling

The eternal wants to live
But we fear the dying

Let the perfection express itself
As imperfection
Let stillness speak
Let greatness become small

When freedom itself soars
Soaring is same as falling

When freedom itself lives
Dying is same as living

Undivided undivided
All is one

Monday, September 22, 2008

Emptiness fills itself

This one falls and falls
And falls all away

And empties and empties
And empties right through

And everything disappears
Yet nothing is denied!

This emptiness lives
And this emptiness dies

This emptiness sings
and this emptiness cries

And filling to the brim with sourceless love
It remains empty, empty, empty, ever-empty

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Suffering in the world

Seeing suffering in the world
I suffer

Tears for the victim
Anger and fear towards the aggressor

I close my eyes
In pain

When they open again
Something shifts

A question arises
Is the victim just a victim?

I look again
And the answer is no

The victim is much more
I touch her vastness

I feel her presence
I inhale her freedom

I had frozen her victimness
In my mind

Oh God!
I am the aggressor

In panic, I turn
Towards the aggressor

But he is gone too
With the victim

Into the vastness
The vastness of us all