Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eternal intersection

Everything begins here.

And why not? If everything can be said to have a beginning, then it can equally be here as anywhere else! Where does a sphere start? Where does it end? How about here?

So that's the other side of no beginning-no end. Yes there is no beginning to our reality and no end. So then, anything and everything can be a beginning (and an end)! How about here?

So we come to this magical point of our direct reality - right here, right now! This is where everything intersects. With nothing. With itself. Eternal intersection.

And what's happening right here right now?

What allows it to happen?

See that love. Discover that as you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Witness the birth of I

Notice the movement of air around you right now.

Is it a gust of wind strongly felt?

Is it a gentle breeze quite pleasant?

Is it simply still?

Whatever it is, can you say about it - This is my gust of wind, or This is my gentle breeze, or This is my stillness?

This simply is, as it is. And we notice it. Is it not?

Thoughts are like the movement of air too.

Whether they are big and gusty, or peaceful, or still, they simply are.

Who makes them mine? - My thoughts?

What arises to claim ownership?

See that one who is born with thoughts, born only to own them.

Be the one who witnesses this birth.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In the flow

I - this body-mind
With thoughts. feelings, actions
I am in the flow
The flow of life

What I do
Is life doing me
What I live
Is life living me

I am the teardrop
That rolls down the cheek
Moved by the heart
Not separate from it

I am that
By which
Life experiences itself
Such joy, such joy

To be this
Only this
All this

Monday, May 19, 2008

Embrace this moment...

We worry about what tomorrow will be, and the day after. We worry about whether or not we will become spiritually evolved enough. Or perhaps materially evolved enough. We worry about being enough.

What a burden we carry. And all the time that we spend worrying is about something that isn't even here yet. Tomorrow is not here yet. Now is what is here now. This is like throwing away the jewel in your hand right now, for the guarantee of a jewel in your hand tomorrow! Yet why would we value tomorrow what we cannot value this moment?

See through mind's madness.

If indeed there is something to do, it is simple. Embrace this moment. As it is.

And when the mind rebels against this statement, simply embrace that rebellion, for that is what this moment is presenting.

The mind's rebellion is not a force opposing the awareness. It cannot be. The mind's rebellion is an opposing force within the awareness.

What's the difference?

Imagine a tornado with all its fierce destructive energy that seems to flatten out everything in its wake. Wherever the tornado expands, space makes place for it to expand! Space simply holds this whirling swirling tornado without any judgement. Can the tornado said to be opposing this space? Or arising in it?

Awareness is like that. No matter what storm the mind kicks up, awarenes allows it to happen, and simply holds the mind without judgement.

Be that awareness which you are and embrace this moment.

This moment becomes the next and the next and now you are holding life.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Subject, object and dissociation

This is the realm that militates against the idea of even experience itself. It goes beyond experience as the I experiences it.

We are often told to simply watch everything arising. This is the witness consciousness that steps back and sees from a larger perspective - a perspective that is not identified with what it watches.

What is still present in this consciousness, is the duality of the watcher and the watched, or the seer and the seen. There is nothing wrong with this. But we may suddenly notice this duality.

One place where it can really show itself, and thus become the portal into non-dual consciousness, (forgive the use of this language, for it is what we have), is our relationship with others.

One can look at another person and can experience discomfort with some aspect of this other person. Let's say that this aspect of the other is totally alien to you. In other words, you are witnessing someting in this other, that you have never experienced about, or in, yourself. So this aspect feels alien or separate from you, because you have not directly experienced it.

When this aspect is looked upon from the place of 'this is not me', there can be dissociation. The witness consciousness can be hijacked by the me, and still simply watch this alien aspect in the other. But there is a subtle sense of 'I am watching this that is not me'. It is dissociating with tolerance! This is not unkind, or bad in any way. But the dissociation comes home to roost. Stated differently, we become aware of the dissociation, usually through a sense of something missing, or some kind of unease.

The love that is, shines a light by means of the unease, and helps us to go beyond it.

Personal experience too has its limits. And this is where we must let go of even our personal experience. Of course the curious thing is, that this is a letting go that returns us back to experience, only more expanded.

What is meant by all this?

The invitation in the experience of dissociative watching, is to transcend the separation between the experience of the watcher and that of the watched. To ask oneself - is it true that I am not this other person who is so clearly and evidently different from me? Is it true?

Staying in this question can open a realm of awareness which completely dissolves that separation. And it penetrates you that you are beyond your personal experience, and not separate from any experience - no matter who or what it manifests in - that other person, the door, the sky! I am that and that and that. I am all.

Now you look at everything, but there is literally no distance between the one looking, and the one being looked at, - no distance between the subject and the object. It is same. Witnessing without dissociation. Witnessing without object. I witness I.

I am the one - the witness, the witnessing and the witnessed.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing is insignificant

Everything holds up everything else. When we see this, we realize that nothing is insignificant. And we fill up with love for everything there is. Even the parts we don't like.

A great place to start discovering this is within oneself.

Right now, notice if there is something that you disapprove of, or disagree with, or are unhappy about. It may be something overt and tangible that you can point to, or sometimes it can be covert and less tangible. If it is the latter, then simply notice the unease, even if it cannot be defined specifically.

Say to yourself - I see this unease (or whatever else that comes up).

Even as you say this, you may find several different thoughts/ feelings, and even fears come up.

Say to yourself - I see the fear. Or - I see many uneasy thoughts. Or - I see the uneasy feelings coming up.

In other words, you acknowledge whatever arises, with the words - I see ---.

Notice what happens.

Then say 'I see ---., to whatever is noticed also.

Sustain this for as long as you naturally can. Don't force anything.

Do this right now. And you may find that you will do this sometime again. And then again, and again. Not by forcing yourself. But just spontaneously.

There are many ways to describe what may happen. And each person discovers this for herself. One way that perhaps many of us can resonate with, is simply this: what is our experience when we are seen and acknowledged? Isn't that a simple, yet fundamental, human desire?

So we start to extend it to ourselves. Not abstractly - to some notion of who we are. But to something much simpler and more direct - our experience right now - our thoughts, feelings and whatever is arising right now.

You may find the act of seeing, just by itself, is so precious and dear.

And realize this - the disturbance created by our unease opens up the vast space of seeing and acknowledging this that we are - now and now and right now!

Discover this simple love.

Friday, May 2, 2008

From me to me

If I am you
then you don't need to change

For who would you change to?
The you that is me!

If I am you
then I don't need to change

For what could I change to?
The you that is me!

And meanwhile we change
You and I
From me to me.